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Please kindly refer to
the information
on hour Second-half
Special Admission process.

The Second-half special admission process for 2018
(What is a "special admission"? It is an admission process composed of a documentary review
and an interview (without any written exams).)
Period for the Forms
2018. 5. 3 (Thu) 09:00 ~ 5. 10 (Thu) 17:00
02Submission Period for Applications
2018. 5. 3 (Thu) 09:00 ~ 5. 11 (Fri) 17:00
(Date and time are as per the arrival of the document at our address. Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays are excluded.)
※ In-person submission of the applications by the said deadline. Or, in case of submitting the application by post, the application must arrive at hour office (Seoul Graduate School Team, 3rd Floor, New Main Building) with the abovementioned deadline.
03Oral Test
Starts from 2018. 5. 26 (Sat) 09:30
  • Please be advised that the interview schedule may differ among departments.
  • Some majors may also require a written exam.
  • In some cases, the students may be requested to bring some items including the Applicant tag, ID, and other assignment given by the department (as applicable).
  • Many of the interviews will take place in Seoul Campus, or in ERICA Campus for some departments.
04Announcement of the Successful Applicants
2018. 6. 8 (Fri.) 14:00 (date and time may be subject to changes)
  • The applicants may see their application results in the website of the Graduate School themselves. (No individual notifications will be given to any students.)
  • The students shall print out the Acceptance Notice and the Invoice for Tuition Fee from the website and take the registration process within the given time.
  • The applicants whose graduation was pending at the time of application must submit the graduation certificate or diploma to the Graduate School Team by September 3, 2018.
05Overview of Application
Proceed to ‘Archives’ in the top menu bar of the Graduate School website. Then, click the ‘Admission’ tab.Link to application
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