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Here is information on the major scholarship programs
of Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

major scholarship programs
Scholarship Name Description Amount Contact Remarks
2+4 Programs for All departmentMaster-Doctoral Integrated Aid Scholarship students are selected among the first successful applicants of the special admission process of the master-doctoral integrated course of the science&engineering, humanities/social studies and art&physical education majors, who meet the conditions below.
(No separate application needed. Available upon qualification for admission)
  • The final average undergraduate grade at the time of graduation (or at the seventh semester for those whose graduation is pending) 3.5/4.5 or higher
  • Applicants for whom the supervising professor agrees with the endowment of scholarship.
  • Applicants qualified for admission in regular departments of colleges of all departments
* The students who receive this scholarship are required to submit their research outputs. If the student fails to present the research output, the scholarship is revoked and return of the fund is required.
1st ~ 2nd period (twice) 100%
of the tuition fee
3rd ~ 6th (four times) 70%
of the tuition fee

* The scholarship for the 3rd to 6th periods is paid as research grants.
* Students on this scholarship program are required to maintain an average grade of 3.75 or higher.
Graduate School Team

ERICA Research promotion team
Not applicable to Special admission process No. 2
BK21PLUS Research Scholarship Selected among each project group for the graduate students who participate in project groups (team) which is selected by BK21PLUS. Master’s Degree Program:
600,000 won per month or higher

Doctoral Degree Program:
1 million won or higher per month

Master-doctor-integrated programs:
Applicable in accordance with duration of enlistment as students
Departments eligible to BK21 Plus Projects. -
Assistant Scholarship (Autonomous Scholarship for Departments) In accordance with the Assistant Appointment Rules of the Academic Affairs Team, 10% ~ 100% of the tuition fees for each semester can be provided as an assistant scholarship depending on the bylaws of each department (Tuition fee deduction or reimbursement) College Administration Team -
Other Research Grants Students who participate in the study projects of faculties of our university as a researcher. The eligible students are paid with research allowances College Administration Team -
Scholarship for the Industrial Management Engineering All new students of the Department of Industrial Management Engineering who are South Korean nationals are paid with at least 1 million won as scholarship aids (immediately after admission or at the end of semester). Administrations Team for the College of Engineering
Scholarship for the Department of Management Consulting The full-time students registered with the Department of Management Consulting (including new students) are provided with selection-based scholarships per each semester (only available until the second semester of 2019). 30~100% of the tuition free Department of Management Consulting
Scholarship for Services 100% or 70% of the tuition free is offered as a scholarship to the students who served as the officers of Student Council of Graduate School during the semester, contributing to the development of the university. Graduate School Team
Love by Acts Scholarship for the graduate school Students who submitted certifying documents showing that the student or his/her parents are eligible to basic quality of life aid or the immediately upper class (the application for this scholarship is called during the special period after admission) A fixed amount of 1 million won
is paid
College Administration Team
(E)Student Support Team
  • "HY-in" scholarship or the Master-Doctor Integrated Course 2+4 Aid Program is available for students who were admitted through the special admission process only. (Not available to the students who were admitted through Special Admission No. 2).
  • For information on other scholarship programs, please contact the department of your application.
  • Also, for more information on scholarships available for international students, please refer to the website of the International Affairs Office.
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