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the admission process
Department of Computer Science &

Information on the Admission Process
The admission process of our department does not require the students to take a written exam.
The selection criteria for new students is designed to admit students with passion and creativity based on
their social volunteer work records, education and research activities, experiences, and other self-realization achievements
out of the boundary of their schools, rather than their grades only.
Admission Process
Documentary Evaluation
  • Study Plan
  • Undergraduate and Graduate School Grades
  • Awards, experience certificates, license certificates, and other certificates that can be a proof of the student’s ability to learn and study,
  • plus other requirements as set forth by each department or school.
Applicable Certificates
  • Other requirements as set forth by each school or department
Oral Test (Interview)
  • Knowledge on the major
  • Passion and knowledge on the academic pursuit
  • Aptitude for the major
  • Other requirements as set forth by each school or department
※ Among students who passed, those whose graduation is pending shall submit their graduation certificate to the Graduate School Team within the date designated at the time of their admission.
New students will be selected in the order of their scores, which is composed of their documentary review scores (out of 100) and interview score (out of 100).