Computer Science & Engineering

In the knowledge and information society of 21st century where the digital technology
changes rapidly and becomes more and more complex, the highly advanced theoretical
knowledge, and diversity of thoughts and creativity are needed to advance social economy.
So, the demand for the highly educated person with a master's or doctoral degree related
to such capabilities is increasing. Computer Science & Engineering of Hanyang University
has been a leader in engineering education in South Korea under these circumstances.
We conduct research on the advanced studies and technologies in computer hardware
and software while we train highly educated experts who can play leading roles in R&D
in the industrial fields.

To fulfill such a role, we have specific educational objectives as follows;
Educational Objectives
  • Train the new millennium
    leadership armed with
    engineering expertise
    and ethics
  • Realize an education
    program that is focused on
    developing creativity
  • Train practice-oriented
    talents with
    international insights